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Another important characteristic of Irish Catholicism that helped promote the successful integration of national and religious identity in Ireland was the traditional strand of authoritarianism in the Irish Church and Irish culture This cultural change threatens not only the loyalty of the Irish public to the Church but also with them bottom jeans to sever the historic link between Catholicism and nationalism in Ireland In addition, when the nationalist struggle for independence has been linked to a persecuted Church, the national identity of the post-independence period is also linked with a religious identity. For the effectiveness of the Church as an institution independent of British rule in Ireland see Emmet J. This historic and evolving relationship can only fully grasped if we understand the legacy of imperialism and how it has shaped Irish history. In the case of Irish nationalism, the Catholic Church became a powerful political actor because of its desire to resist the attempt to convert the Irish masses to Protestantism that began in earnest in the early nineteenth century

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Irish society has butt panty fetish changed in recent decades, abandoning aspirations of the frugal comfort of a mythical national past for the material comforts modernity has to offer. Social, Political, and Religious Trans. Thus, nationalists were able to enlist Catholics for their cause since the vast majority of Catholics not only despised the English political domination of their island but also resented the historic British persecution of the Catholic Church Mackey and Enda McDonagh eds. In the past the Church has been able to utilize its power to transmit its message effectively from the pulpit through its control of the schools and the administration of social services. British imperialism was not just a matter of political control or economic advantage. The increased focus on material and consumer satisfaction reduces the priority of traditionally defined religious agendas and secularization is the result.

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More importantly, however, the religious and emerging national identities of the colonized become fused. As long as the Irish masses continued to equate their national and religious identities, there was no need to separate these two conceptually distinct aspects of Irish political identity. Hence, the postcolonial state becomes the vehicle to implement nationalist policies and defers to religious leaders who are seen to be supportive of the nationalist cause for independence. By the late s and early s, the integration of Catholicism and national identity which had delayed or prevented the secularization that had come to the rest of Europe finally yielded to those forces associated with the arrival of industrialization doda elektroda urbanization Eventually, as the Irish masses developed a devotion to the cause of nationalism, this movement could depend upon the fervent support of the Irish masses.